Here to Save the Day

Having problems with your arch nemesis,
Sagging ROI Man?

The PPC Auditors are here to help.

If you’re currently spending at least $1,000 per month in paid
search, you’re eligible for our Free 21-Point PPC Audit. It’s
all the kryptonite you’ll need to fight back the dastardly villains
and start getting the most out of your campaigns.

Sign up now or call 800.979.3177 to learn more.

Loaded PPC Utility Belts

“Holy Quality Score issues, PPC Auditor Man!  This business
is paying way too much per click.  Can we help?”

“Silly Search Marketing Boy – of course we can.  Let’s start by
taking a look at five key areas: Keywords, Organization,
Ads, Landing Pages, and Campaign Settings.

“After looking at 21 separate account items in their campaign,
we’ll give them grades on how they’re doing and what’s
possible to achieve.  Higher profits are just moments away!”

Tough Times, Tougher Measures

Profit margins getting squeezed?  Need new clients?  Trying
to avert the glare of the CFO as you walk down the hall? 
We know times are tough.

That’s why we’re offering a Free 21-Point PPC Campaign Audit
to help organizations just like yours judge how effectively you’re
spending your ad dollars.

Let us help you take a bite out of crime rising ad costs.  Sign up
or call 800.979.3177 to learn more.

There’s No Need to Fear

The folks behind PPC Auditors are Direct Online Marketing™,
a search engine marketing firm that manages paid search
for clients around the globe.

We’ll sign an NDA and take our solemn hero oath never to
disclose your information to any third parties or make any
changes to your account.

If there’s room for improvement, we’ll let you know what
steps to take.  If the campaign’s drum-tight already, we’ll
tell you that,  and you’ll have peace of mind that you’re on
the right path.


Free Pay Per Click Audits

Spending $1,000+ per month on search? Call 800.979.3177 or sign up here for a FREE 21-Point Audit of your PPC campaigns. After getting some basic information, we’ll analyze your account and send you a free campaign report card. No obligations or strings attached.

The personalized report will show you how you’re doing and highlight areas where you can improve your Quality Score, weed out bad traffic, lower your costs, and improve your ROI. And if you’re already maximizing your spend, the report will serve as confirmation of a job well done!

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In Their Words

“Their expertise is evident in the thoroughness of their approach and the rapid implementation of recommended strategies. Their professionalism has been proven by courtesy, account attention and genuine commitment....”
- Karen Richey, Long® Fence
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