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This PPC Auditors site talks a lot about the free PPC campaign audits we provide to any company currently running campaigns of at least $1,000 per month.   Because of that, we often get asked if we actually manage Google AdWords campaigns for any clients?  The answer is a resounding yes!

For one thing, we couldn’t hold status as a Google Partner without actively managing multiple accounts and having specialists certified individually in the Google AdWords program.  Similarly, we held status as a Bing Ads Preferred Agency (one of 17 search agencies worldwide recognized by Microsoft as such) before they retired that designation.

Types of PPC Service

Each contract is different as we customize our proposals and levels of service around an organization’s needs.  Are they an e-commerce site?  Do they need to drive leads for their sales force?  Are newsletter sign ups important?  What about white paper downloads?  Account creation or site interaction? What geographic locations are they trying to reach and do they want just English speakers?  What’s the cost metric we need to hit for their pay per click campaigns to be profitable?  What’s the buying cycle like?  Do they understand the personas of their customers?

All these questions and many more go into our recommendations.  These recommendations most often come in one of the following forms of pay per click management.  To learn more or discuss your goals, give us a call at 800.979.3177.  The dime’s on us.

Full Management of PPC Accounts

Full, day-to-day management of one or more paid search accounts is most common for larger organizations.  Small companies with decent marketing budgets, but without the time or expertise to manage campaigns effectively also often choose to have us manage their accounts.  We have experience managing monthly budgets anywhere from $500 to $500,000.   If this option sounds right for you, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or start off by having us audit your campaigns for free.

Setting Up Google AdWords Accounts*

Businesses just starting out that want to manage campaigns in house will come to us to set up accounts with Google AdWords for them and get them off on the right foot.  Then we turn over the accounts, although we sometimes keep passive client manager access to do tune ups down the road at the client’s request.  We will also set up accounts with Bing Ads (which serves ads on Yahoo! and bing) and convert AdWords accounts over to Bing Ads formats.

Deep Account Analysis & Change Implementation*

Sometimes a company who manages their own accounts just wants a fresh look at their campaigns to see what a few more sets of eyes can see.  We can do a thorough account analysis (much deeper than our free audit) that includes looks at analytics, competitors, and all their account data.  Then we’ll turn over our findings and recommendations for the company to use or implement any approved changes ourselves at their wish.

Negative Keyword Generation*

One of the dilemmas in developing keywords is choosing whether to run them as – using AdWords terminology – either broad match, which hook your ads up with many (hopefully) related keywords or as phrase or exact match, which cut down on the matches and volume significantly.  A major benefit of doing broad match is that you get a lot more volume and you’ll end up converting on keywords you would have never thought of or found through research.  The downside is all the junk that comes along with it.  We can create lists of thousands of keywords – broken out to the campaign and ad group levels to clean out your account and bring down your costs per conversion dramatically.

Down & Dirty PPC Account Tune-Ups*

Just need a one-time redo of your account done quickly?  We can implement changes to get you better results, often within a week or two.  This is often very popular during important seasons such as the holiday season for retailers or spring for construction companies.

* Please note: running a successful paid search advertising program requires constant management.  It is not a set up and cruise situation – that is the most surefire way to burn through a pile of money.  For any programs where we make changes and turn the accounts over to you, you must continue to manage the accounts daily!

Request an Audit of Your Campaign or Learn More

To see how we can help you improve the return on your pay per click campaigns, use one of the buttons below.  If you don’t have an account with Google (or Bing Ads) yet – or if you just want to speak with a live person – give us a call at 800.979.3177.  Start getting the results you deserve today!

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“Their expertise is evident in the thoroughness of their approach and the rapid implementation of recommended strategies. Their professionalism has been proven by courtesy, account attention and genuine commitment....”
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